A new helpdesk developed by 3ie and IDinsight provides West African policymakers with evidence to inform their policies.

By Paul Thissen, Evaluation and Communication Specialist, 3ie

In the countries where the West Africa Capacity-building and Impact Evaluation (WACIE) program works, the gaps in evaluation experience are stark, as the program’s…

A “mystery shopper survey” can assess trainees’ skills on the job, providing insight to strengthen employment readiness programs.

By Christy Lazicky, Torben Fischer, and Michael Otieno

In communities with high youth unemployment rates, technical training programs can seem like an effective path to prepare young people for the workplace. But…

By Sid Ravinutala

We recently rebuilt our machine learning (ML) model for Educate Girls (EG). Though part of the motivation was paying down some tech debt (fixing shortcuts), the main reason was to incorporate all the feedback and learnings on the performance of the ML model from the last few…

On International Women’s Day, IDinsight CEO Ruth Levine reflects on the multiple ways we must disrupt gendered behavior and structural bias.

By Ruth Levine

I once asked a gender studies historian what we could learn from our past progress on women’s rights to help us focus our attention now: Should…

As Chris Chibwana, IDinsight Partner and Head of Africa, departs the organization, he shares five valuable lessons on evidence-informed policymaking.

This week is my last at IDinsight, an organization I joined in October 2017 after spending seven years at USAID. When I joined the organization, I had no idea what…


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